Our Clients

Examples of successful projects:

Team Cohesion and performance

  • For an HR consultancy, we developed a new project team who were then successful in managing projects on time and with optimal use of available resources
  • We assisted members of an aeronautical industry leader’s executive committee in overcoming cultural differences to share a common vision
  • We helped to develop trust and increased cooperation between two company departments (Sales/Marketing) in a distribution company and thus significantly increase customer satisfaction and turnover.

Thomas, Project Manager, Aeronautics Sector “I recommend AS Coaching Partners to anyone who wants to improve team cohesion. Aline was dynamic and created a motivating work environment. Frictions have disappeared and the dialogue continues, resulting in better collective performance.”

Change, personal development, employee onboarding, evolution of practices

  • We developed the managerial skills and leadership of fifteen sales managers in a ready-to-wear distribution network and we considerably increased motivation and staff retention
  • We designed and implemented an onboarding program for new consultants in a consulting firm to facilitate integration and helped them develop an internal network
  • We supported senior managers working in an international setting during their “impatriation” to France to make integration easier
  • We prepared employees for their first expatriation in various sectors so that they quickly become operational and avoid culture shock and pitfalls
  • We supported change during a merger & acquisition of an industrial European group and promoted integration into the new organisation
  • We designed a study tour around customer service for franchise concept creators which helped them discover different and inspiring approaches for better customer service

Pierre, Sales Director, Ready-to-wear Sector “I was accompanied by Aline as part of a senior management onboarding program. I had a hard time imposing myself. She made me work on the type of manager I wanted to be, as well as on my self-esteem and helped me to ask myself the right questions. Today, I have a more collaborative management style and my team appreciates it as the team mood and performance are much better.”

Julie, Marketing Director, Food Sector “I had to integrate quickly into a new company. Aline always listened, always positive and encouraging. She opened my eyes so I would not have to worry about the pitfalls. She did global coaching with me, also drawing my attention to my life balance. Today, from time to time, we have additional sessions when a new problem arises. It helps me to progress.”