Created by Aline Scholz, AS Coaching Partners specializes in executive and retirement coaching in a multicultural setting particularly in a French, German and English environment.

The intercultural environment is now standard for more and more companies, the result of an increasingly connected world. Differences in management style, behaviour, ways of thinking and values require streamlining and adaptations to increase cooperation and strengthen performance.

The key for managers and executives is to step back, self-reflect, ask the right questions, and build solutions as a team. The development of awareness and trust allows new thinking to address complex issues. This ensures team cohesion and continued motivation between different management styles and diverse cultures.

Our role is to guide you along this path towards achieving the objectives you have set for yourself and your team. As certified multilingual and multicultural coaches with management experience in international companies, we have developed the approaches, methods and tools to help you achieve your objectives.

Our specialist topics: intercultural team-building, multicultural team cohesion; high-performance teams; integration in international environments; Franco-German-English executive coaching; Non-French executives in France; onboarding and leadership development in an international context; career development; retirement coaching.

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