Teambuilding activities

We design, organise and run your workshops (in an intercultural context) all the way from the idea to the process, logistics and follow-up. The workshop can be in  French, German and/or English.

Example of a multicultural teambuilding seminar:

  1. Diagnosis and design in a collaborative way
  • Identify the team’s maturity and areas of progress and set up the objectives. Individual interviews with team members help to explore the viewpoints, patterns of behaviour and the potential for development.
  1. A two-day kick-off seminar
  • Starts with an icebreaker activity to help the participants to get to know one another and feel more comfortable interacting
  • To become more aware of the impact of cultural differences, identify and decode the main prejudices and shortcomings.
  • Develop a common vision and operating methods (communication, behaviour, rules of cooperation).
  • Know and respect cultural differences as a result of a shared experience
  • Option: Integrate co-development workshops for specific issues
  • Option: Invite a prestigious speaker, an expert or lecturer
  • Option: An outdoor or indoor team-building activity to improve communication, trust and collaboration skills

By activating collective dynamics, experience a memorable workshop that encourages team cohesion, motivation and employee loyalty.

  1. Follow-up seminars for further identifying and addressing differences encountered within the team.

The result: more effective cooperation that takes full advantage of collective and intercultural intelligence.