Executive coaching

For whom?

For managers, executives and expatriates working in an international environment who wish to develop their own potential and expertise as well as their team members’ to solve difficult situations and help with the smooth running of the company.

We encourage clients to find a personal route towards achieving more success and well-being at work.

Examples of objectives:

  1. Successful new manager onboarding and integration

YOU may be taking up a new management position; it might even be your first one. Your credibility will be tested on several levels simultaneously. The situation is particularly challenging when it takes place in a multicultural environment.

WE will help you to anticipate and deal with complex situations to facilitate shorter learning curves and make your new job a success. You will be able to develop and/or change strategies with regard to personal interactions, role and organisation to help you succeed in your first 100 days and beyond.

We also prepare for success with employee preboarding plans.

  1. Develop leadership skills and be culturally aware

YOU want to become a more confident leader, improve your management style and at the same time adopt the right attitude, inspire others and contribute to the success of your multicultural team.

WE propose to work on leadership skills taking into account personality and cultural differences.

  1. Reduce stress level

YOU learn to manage stress and keep it under control.

WE support you by teaching you how to set priorities and organize your time and tasks, how to achieve a healthy work-life balance and how to manage interactions. In this way, you reduce your stress level and increase your well-being.

  1. Resolve conflicts

YOU develop your ability to successfully prevent or resolve conflicts.

WE facilitate your understanding of conflict, the role you can play, and the solutions you can provide. We train you to manage meetings where conflict resolution is necessary.

  1. Take advantage of cultural differences

YOU learn to navigate in a multicultural environment and understand how it works.

WE help you adapt to changing environments by developing an awareness of differences to establish effective relationships with people from different cultures (colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners), and to unlock unused potential of cultural diversity.

  1. Succeed with a new career step

YOU have to manage an important change such as professional repositioning, promotion, retirement, expatriation or impatriation.

WE support you in the elaboration of a new professional project and its implementation. We have developed special coaching programmes for the different career steps.