Cross-Cultural Team Coaching

For whom?

  • International boards of directors
  • Multicultural project teams
  • Teams made up of experts from different national or corporate cultures
  • Geographically dispersed teams

YOU work in a constantly changing and increasingly international and multicultural environment. In this context, you want your team to achieve better performance, cohesion and well-being at work.

Examples of coaching goals :

  • Unlock the potential of a multicultural team by strengthening team cohesion
  • Train the team to identify and defuse misunderstandings and frictions: an interactive process to develop its intercultural intelligence as well as its performance
  • Identify barriers to efficiency, such as inappropriate habits or behaviours consuming energy and hindering the full team potential
  • Clarify the roles and give everyone a clear vision of the strategy and success factors through the analysis and optimisation of work processes and the design and implementation of action plans.

OUR solutions:

  • We help you – alone and/or together with your team – to develop intercultural competence and release energies so that everyone finds their place in the team and contributes to the achievement of the team’s goals.