You want to unlock your potential and perform at your highest level. We offer you methods and tools that exploit the dynamics of coaching to achieve your goals by stimulating the commitment, the willingness to change and the collective efficiency as well as intercultural intelligence of your managers, teams and yourself.

  • Our interventions are based on the contributions of psycho-sociology and organisations development: collective and individual dynamics, systemic approach, communication, role-playing, change management, MBTI type preferences…
  • In both individual and team coaching, our “dynamic methods” place the client (i.e. the team, its leader and its members) in an active position both to envision the issues at stake and to build solutions fully suited to their skills and the context.
  • The coach is at the service of the coachee, “in support of his champion”: he helps him to identify the key factors of the situation and the resources to respond effectively, he leads the phases of collective development, and brings his external view and his systemic vision.
  • In the spirit of coaching, these approaches ensure commitment and implication by releasing the “actor’s” energy.

What our customers appreciate about us

  • A single contact for the entire service range
  • Tailor-made : we work with you to define your goals and the approach to achieve your objectives
  • Commitment : a high level of availability throughout the entire coaching process
  • Transparency : a clear and detailed quotation, without the cost of intermediaries
  • Full service: we take care of the entire coaching or team-building process, from the design phase to the logistical aspects and the follow-up
  • Multicultural management experience; we coach in French, English and German.